We are Vlad and Karina Diachok - founders of Diachok Architects, an international architecture and interior design studio.
Nice to meet you and we would like to tell you about our journey.

We went through several creative teams: Education, both graduates of the Faculty of Architecture. Although we started our journey together during our studies from interns to practicing architects in a small but very cool architectural design studio, we worked on different projects: apartments, restaurants, bars, individual houses, invention sites and festivals.
When we formed as specialists, we continued our creative way together in a well-known international design studio in the role of architects of interior and residential buildings. As a result, we improved our skills and gained experience working on international projects.

We have formulated ourselves as a team of experienced specialists with genuine values, which we want to convey to people through our projects in all corners of the world. With an understanding of truly international quality, we have experience developing projects in many countries worldwide, from China to the USA and Switzerland to Australia. We are passionate about our work and ready to create a dream home for you.

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