Overarching floor lamps in expansive sizes are growing in popularity and for good reason, these luminary structures a diffused glow to specific spaces in your living room. As shown in this private villa project from Diachok Architects, the floor lamp is high enough to add light to the sofa and surrounding space but also acts as a sculpture in this cool and contemporary living room. “By strategically placing individual light fixtures throughout, we paint with light, emphasizing specific architectural elements, artworks, or cozy reading corners. The advantages of this approach are manifold. First and foremost, it grants us the freedom to highlight and emphasize the unique features of our space,” said Vlad & Karyna Diachok, founders of the studio.

Another benefit of the perfect floor lamp over a central light fixture is its adaptability. This piece can be moved around the room with ease, used for set a more romantic glow on its own or in tandem with other pieces for a more layered look. “Moreover, the flexibility of adjusting each light fixture provides the opportunity to customize the ambiance for various activities or moods. In this context, the floor lighting fixture emerges as a true masterpiece. With its elegant design and warm, diffused glow, it serves as both a functional light source and a statement piece of décor,” Vlad and Karyna add.

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