The kitchen island here provides an anchoring point for the warm wooden floor and also sets the perimeter for the stone floor. Not only does the wood add a softness to the strict minimalism of the interior but it also blends beautifully with the durable stone floor. “Natural parquet and ceramic granite are carefully matched to each other so that it does not visually divide the space into two parts. Porcelain stoneware has been utilized from the kitchen side for practical considerations,” reveal Vlad & Karyna Diachok from international design studio, Diachok Architects.

Why choose just one material? This minimalist kitchen shows how a dual kitchen floor be a seamless design choice. “In the realm of interior design, the marriage of functionality and aesthetics often leads to breathtaking results. The fusion of parquet and porcelain in a minimalist kitchen interior exemplifies this synergy, creating a space that is as visually stunning as it is practical,” said Vlad & Karyna.

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