This softly lit space champions concealed living room lighting and shows it can be subtle yet striking. Hiding the light source behind a curved screen creates an illusion with the existing architectural element but also offers a candle-like focal feature for this scene. 

'Creating dispersed minimalist lighting at present is a must-try! It provides a highly comfortable ambiance in the space,' say Vlad and Karyna Diachok from design studio Diachok Architects. 'In this concept, we have arranged the lighting to be diffused throughout the room while also illuminating the plants from below, offering multiple lighting scenarios at once. Moreover, the back panel serves as both a torchiere and a decorative element on the wall, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.'
Layering as mentioned by the designers is a key ingredient to consider when using a softer approach to lighting, consider how your lighting fixtures work in tandem not just individually.

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