|  Location: Germany 
    Total area: 125 sq.m.
   Team:  Vlad and Karina Diachok, co-founders & responsible for interior design,  Craft&Concept, implementing partners.
The project is a synergy of architecture and interior, where one space flows smoothly into the other, and everything is combined with the exterior. This is exactly what you need for a perfect weekend home. High ceilings and large windows allow the owners to fully integrate into the surrounding nature. An important task was to create cozy zones in the middle of a large space so that the residents would be comfortable in each of them. 
Warm light + natural materials + textured, soft fabrics are the main elements that create an atmosphere of happiness.
"Human relationships come first." This was the customer's request, which is revealed in the design of the living room, where the fireplace is located in the center of the space, and the large TV is on the side, which opens only when in use.

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